About C'est Bon Crawfish

Hard to resist

C’est Bon Crawfish is family owned and operated that has been a dream of ours for 20 plus years.  C’est Bon Crawfish’s infancy started in our back yard standing over a picnic table covered in boiled crawfish with family and friends. Today is no different!  Eating crawfish in South Louisiana is not just merely a meal, but it’s an event.  We gather with family and friends and enjoy community and fellowship. We envisioned a restaurant where the atmosphere embodies South Louisiana and our proud Cajun Culture. From the Artwork on our walls made by local artists, our bar made of 100-year-old sunken cypress, to the tables you see before you, everything is handmade here in South Louisiana by family and friends.  Our goal is to offer you a safe and enjoyable place to come eat hot boiled crawfish and drink a few beers (if that’s your thing)!  So, roll up your sleeves and come join our family and let’s make new friends along the way.  We know you have many choices where to eat Boiled Crawfish and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you!

Cozy Environment

Fresh Ingredients

Family Friendly